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Marine-i presented its New Horizons Awards 2018 on Thursday 12th July. The winners were as follows: 

The Cornwall First Award:

Winner: Triskel Marine 

Founded in 2003, Triskel Marine is a Hayle based hi-tech company that specialises in data management and power control systems for the marine industry. Triskel has been a player in a number of pioneering collaborative projects in the hybrid marine energy and propulsion sector.

 The hybrid energy and propulsion sector is set for massive growth over the coming years and by focussing on this sector, Triskel Marine has built up an unrivalled level of expertise. This has led the company to develop its own product in this dynamic new market an ingenious form of renewable power and storage for small commercial vessels and the leisure industry which has been proven to both dramatically reduce the cost of power whilst giving significantly better performance.

 Triskel's ingenuity and professionalism enabled that to gain the backing and support of a major American backer which has enabled the company to open new premises at the Hayle Marine Renewables Business Park to complete their R&D trials and plan for future production. The technology is ground breaking and is the result of over a decade of research, experiment and experience of product development.

•         Triskel a high tech marine renewables business

•         It has established itself as a leading consultancy business

•         It provides a truly global service; and

•         Delivers collaborative marine projects

Find out more about Triskel Marine here.

Category: Technology Innovation Award

Winner: ARC Marine

ARC Marine’s new modular artificial reef has recently been tested at University of Plymouth’s COAST test tank facility. The design will bring multiple benefits to the marine sector including improving marine habitat, scour prevention and sub-sea cable protection.

With a grant from Marine-I, ARC has been able to test and prove their concept design. Supported by the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult they have been able to tailor the trials to provide data to satisfy the requirements of offshore windfarm developers.

ARC's artificial reef technology is:

  • ·        Unique and cost effective
  • ·        Will provide benefit across a range of marine sectors; and
  • ·        Will help protect the environment

Find out more about ARC Marine.

The Business Growth Award: Winner: 

Keynvor MorLift (KML)

Keynvor Morlift Ltd. is a Falmouth based marine contractor and specialist ship/ workboat owner working mainly around the UK and Northern Europe. KML specialise in shoreline, coastal and offshore marine services and operations, with a wealth of experience ranging from marine renewable energy construction projects to project cargo, marine civil engineering, salvage operations and many more offshore and specialist marine services. KML has been successful in securing Falmouth Wharves as the companies new UK headquarters. KML has commenced significant investment in the site in order to develop its use for both KML and other marine businesses to also grow. Significantly, KML’s investment has already seen the creation of 39 new high-value jobs.

As a direct result of the investment, KML are now exporting on a large scale for the first time in 40 years Cornish “dimension stone” granite which will be used as sea-defences around the UK and Europe coastline, where previously the rock was imported from Scandinavia. Further significant investment has seen KML recently complete testing of its unique dynamically positioned barge, a vessel which can ‘hover’ on station without human intervention, all developed and tested in Cornish waters and with significant Westcountry project partners.