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June 2021

14th Jun
The benefits of networking and collaboration to support innovation projects

In this online event, Kim Conchie will look at the benefits of collaborating, both between businesses and with research institutes, in order to support innovation projects.

May 2021

10th May
Managing your team for innovation and belief in your product

In this online event, Miles Carden will look at various aspects of how to manage innovation within your team and inspire belief in your product.

April 2021

26th Apr
Empowered to Innovate

This inspirational session will be the first in an occasional series to help your business excel at innovation.

March 2021

25th Mar
Unmanned Air Systems supporting Offshore Wind

Maintaining offshore windfarms is an expensive, inefficient, and costly process, relying on ships and crews to respond to a plethora of automated warnings. Remote monitoring through advanced sensing, and asset surveillance using unmanned air vehicles robotics has significant potential to improve safety and reduce costs. Marine-i partners will provide an overview of the latest thinking, highlighting where there are market gaps and opportunities for SMEs.