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Marine-i is now closed to businesses. Find out more about the project success here.

Marine-i is here to help your business grow through enabling the specialist resources and support you need for research, development and innovation.

Comprehensive RD&I support through engagement with world class research and expertise.

This accelerates the stage at which you can demonstrate your product and take it to market. We will listen to your ideas and then work closely with you to develop them – enabling the best support from right across the Marine-i partnership.

Access to over 20 outstanding test facilities

You can access test facilities which include COASTLab, flagship test facilities for wind, wave and tidal energy, DMaC, FabTest, a current flume and the most powerful grid emulation facility in the world.

Business Support 

Bespoke support to ensure your business is ready for innovation along with assistance to develop your RD&I project plan. The Marine-i team will guide you through the process and also signpost to other relevant services and make introductions to collaborative opportunities.

Graduate placements to work in your business at a subsidised cost

Financial support is available to companies who take on graduates to help undertake innovation projects, for a period of 6 or 9 months.

The subsidy is £1500 for 6 months support and £2250 for a 9 month supported role.

Find out more here

Outreach programme

Marine-i hosts regular events and Discovery Rooms which bring together thought leaders from industry, market-leading organisations and research experts to discuss market challenges and potential solutions. These events offer opportunities for you to network and meet potential future collaboration partners.

Increased profile for your business

Marine-i case studies have featured in marine technology media around the world. You too can benefit from profile raising through taking part in Marine-i.

Grant support

There is a limited amount of grant funding support available through Marine-i for selected projects. Marine-i will also signpost to other sources of funding, for both early stage and follow on support.