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A note about GDPR

Marine-i grants are designed to help Enterprises grow. The information provided in completing the application by you, acting as the agent of the Enterprise, is considered commercial information which could be found/verified from public sources such as your own website, internet searches and Companies House. The Marine-i programme will also conduct a commercial credit check of your enterprise using Creditsafe.

The application is considered to contain only commercial information and therefore exempt from the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) but is subject to the Marine-i Data Protection Policy.

For enterprises that are not registered with Companies House if your application is accepted to be taken forward for a Grant, you may be requested to provide a Personal Credit Check (normally Sole Traders and some Partnerships). Before supplying the Credit Check, you will be provided on how this information is stored and protected. For successful applications the information is stored until 31 December 2033, for unsuccessful applications it will be destroyed at the same time you are informed that you have been unsuccessful. The Marine-i programme holds this data as it has a “legitimate interest” in accordance with the GDPR and therefore Individual Rights under the GDPR would not apply.

If you wish to discuss any aspects of the application process before proceeding any further, please contact the Marine-i Programme on 01872 327767 or email

NOTE - Applications received not through the web will need to affirm by email the above with the policy being sent as an attachment.