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Marine-i brings together some of the best resources for marine innovation and marine technology anywhere in the world. We have assembled a unique team with outstanding expertise in the marine industry.

Here are the Marine-i project partners and the resources they are bringing to the programme.

University of Exeter

This is the project lead partner. They are providing Ocean Technology research support, including Research Fellows with electrical, mechanical, ocean science and technology research expertise.

In addition, the University of Exeter’s research capabilities include a range of field testing, hydrodynamic analysis and deployment expertise including the Falmouth Bay test site (Fab-Test), Dynamic Marine Component Test Facility (DMaC) and South West Mooring Test Facility (SWMTF). They also provide business assistance and knowledge exchange support. Find out more by clicking the links below.

Marine with Plymouth University

The University of Plymouth are providing marine and maritime research support, including Research Fellows with ocean science research experience.

They also provide access to their COAST (Coastal, Ocean And Sediment Transport) Laboratory for physical model testing with combined waves, currents and wind offered at scales appropriate for device testing, array testing, environmental modelling and coastal engineering. In addition, they provide business assistance and knowledge exchange support. Find out more.

Falmouth Marine School (The Cornwall College Group)

They are co-ordinating a marine technology focussed graduate placement scheme and mentoring support. Find out more by clicking the link below.

Cornwall Marine Network

They are providing bespoke business support to help you get the most out of the Marine-i project. Find out more.


They are providing specialist sector knowledge around marine renewable energy technologies.

They are involved in the development of collaborative activities linking businesses to research centres and academia to develop new ways of working and prove, de-risk and develop promising new technologies. Find out more.

Cornwall Development Company

They are responsible for the Marine Challenge Fund which offers reimbursable grants for marine innovation projects. In addition, they provide the core team to the Hayle project office and are available to support businesses throughout the grant process – from initial project shaping right through to claim. Find out more.