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Marine-i is now closed to businesses. Find out more about the project success here.

Marine-i brings together some of the best resources for marine innovation and marine technology anywhere in the world. We have assembled a unique team with outstanding expertise in the marine industry.

We have assembled a unique team with outstanding expertise in the marine industry, as well as world class test facilities.

University of Exeter

University of Exeter

The project lead partner. They are providing Ocean Technology research support, including Research Fellows with electrical, mechanical, ocean science and technology research expertise. Their capabilities include a range of field testing, hydrodynamic analysis and deployment expertise. They also provide business assistance, knowledge exchange support and access to outstanding test facilities, including FabTest, DMac and a current flume.

Marine with Plymouth University

University of Plymouth

The University of Plymouth is providing marine and maritime research support, including Research Fellows with award winning ocean science research experience.They also provide access to the COAST Laboratory for physical model testing and they provide business assistance and knowledge exchange support.

Falmouth Marine School (The Cornwall College Group)

They are co-ordinating a marine technology focussed graduate placement scheme and mentoring support.

Cornwall Marine Network

Cornwall Marine Network

Cornwall Marine Network supports customer engagement through their existing long-term relationships with Cornish businesses leading them onto the customer journey. Their role in the Marine-i project is to identify suitable businesses and offer early stage business support to help SMEs develop their innovation readiness and scope out their innovation projects as well as provide a support and advisory service.  Their knowledge of the Cornish marine sector and their networking skills are especially important in connecting businesses with the relevant support as well as creating both formal and informal networks/strategic clusters


Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult

ORE Catapult is providing specialist wave energy, tidal energy, floating wind, sector knowledge. This includes research and engineering specialists in materials, electrical drivetrains, electrical systems, blade technology, mechanical engineering, computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis, cost modelling, system and sub-system testing, operations & maintenance strategy, autonomous systems, access to world class test facilities, and a range of national supply chain improvement initiatives. They support SMEs and industry to accelerate the development of innovative technology and access market opportunities through introductions to leading offshore project developers and suppliers.

Cornwall Council

Cornwall Council brings their extensive knowledge of the marine industry, funding and investment, business operations and ERDF compliance (eligibility, procurement and recruitment) to form an important part of the team, helping deliver co-created solutions with the critical mass required to develop beyond the current Marine-i project.  The Cornwall Council team manage and run the Strategic Steering Group on behalf of the project partners. In close collaboration with project partners and wider stakeholders, this Group use their industry knowledge and relationships to define the project areas of focus. Where projects include companies requiring funding, Cornwall Council works closely with those companies to develop their applications and support their claims. Cornwall Council manage the Marine Challenge Fund, a £1,027m delegated grant fund which can potentially provide funding support to elements of Marine-i RD&I projects where other sources of funding are not available.