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Unique 3D prototyping service takes shape, thanks to the help of Marine-i.

Dynamic Edge Innovation Ltd was founded by Sam Baynham in April 2018. With a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Sam has a strong track record as a creative design engineer, having worked as a CADCAM software specialist for companies in the UK and the USA.

Sam says: “I started my own company because I could see that there was a real need from customers for a dedicated service which would work with them to take their product or design concept from the initial idea through to a functioning prototype. In any new engineering project, this is a critical stage in the development process and one which requires a high level of skill and experience.”

Support from Marine-i is enabling Sam to develop the business by embracing new opportunities in Generative Design and 3D printing so as to create new services for clients.

Sam explains: “Generative Design is a sophisticated, iterative process. It harnesses computer power to generate a large number of different permutations for a design. We can then analyse and fine tune these parameters in order to deliver an optimum solution, based on the performance requirements specified by the client.”

Having successfully built up a strong client portfolio, the company also wanted to launch a new service which would exploit the full potential of 3D printing in the production of new prototypes.

“3D printing technology is becoming more and more important in our field of work,” says Sam. “So we are launching our new brand, Dynamic3dge, with this in mind, it will focus on linking our software to the latest 3D printing machines.”

In order to get the new services ready for launch, Sam engaged with the Marine-i project and was successfully awarded a Rapid Innovation Grant of £2,000.

“The powerful software needed for Generative Design and 3D printing requires a high-end PC. The grant from Marine-i was invaluable, as it enabled us to purchase the exact specification that we need. We can now press ahead with confidence and bring our new service to market very quickly.”

These new developments also open up further significant opportunities, as Sam explains:

“Our software enables 3D print machinery to operate at the highest level when working on design prototypes. So we are helping to show these machines in the very best light. We can now reach out to 3D print machine manufacturers and offer our services as a reseller for their machines – another potentially lucrative string to our bow. We already have a relationship with one of the leading Korean companies. This really is a global opportunity for us.”

In addition to the grant funding, Sam has benefited from the training resources facilitated by Marine-i: “I have attended the recent Innovation Masterclass, which was a real eye-opener for me. As well as giving me a thorough grounding in the techniques and processes for innovation, it has helped me to clarify the long-term vision for our business. I have also made some valuable new industry contacts as a result of the sessions.”

So how would Sam summarise his experience of working with the Marine-i team?

“There is no doubt that Marine-i has helped to open up some really important new doors for our business. We are determined to make the most of these opportunities and accelerate the growth of our young company. It has been great to have the support of industry experts with cutting-edge knowledge, people who really understand the challenges we face and can help us find the right solutions.”