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OPPORTUNITY: Coastal Applications Competition

Application of Space Technologies for Coastal Monitoring

The Satellite Applications Catapult is looking for new ideas which utilise space services and technologies for UK and global coastal monitoring.

Topic areas for proposals include (but are not limited to):

-         Coastal Erosion

-         Port Operations

-         Offshore Energy

-         Coastal Environment


Approximately 44% of the world's population live within 150 kilometres of the coast, and the UK is in the top 15 countries with the longest coastline extents in the world, with nowhere in the UK being more than 113 kilometres (70 miles) from the coast.

Maritime services based on the integrated use of space-based systems are of interest to a wide range of user communities and classes: Fisheries, Coast Guards, Port Authorities, Military Bodies, Shipping Companies, Commercial Operators, International, National and European Institutions.


The overall objective of the Coastal Applications Competition - "Mostly Coastly" - is to stimulate the submission of new ideas for commercially viable and sustainable services that show innovative utilisation of space services and technologies, such as: Satellite Communications, Satellite Navigation, Earth Observation or Human Spaceflight technologies.

This can involve either the improvement of existing operational processes and services or the generation of new applications. The call specifically seeks proposals that concern services and markets related to coastal applications in the UK and other territories.

The bidders of ideas with a strong market perspective will get the opportunity to investigate the commercial viability and the technical feasibility within a small project via a LaunchPad Initiative applications project that utilises at least one space asset, or potentially a combination of assets.

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