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Event: 13th February 2018 - Marine-i will focus on Emission Reduction Technology

The next Marine-i Discovery Room event is titled “Emissions from Maritime Transport: Legislation and Solutions.”  It will explore the theme of green technology, with particular reference to exhaust after treatments, emission control, and maritime solutions for the future that are less polluting, consume less energy and exploit fewer resources. This free event will be hosted at the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth on Wednesday 13th February 2019.

 Part funded by the European Regional Development Fund, Marine-i provides support for the marine technology sector in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.  Its Discovery Room events are designed to draw together the very latest thinking on a specific theme of marine technology in an interactive, one-day session, while also highlighting opportunities for businesses.

 The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) agreed in 2018 its strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the international shipping sector. Their target is to reduce carbon emissions by at least 50% compared with 2008 levels by 2050. This will have far reaching consequences for the sector.

 Emma Baggett, Falmouth Marine School’s Business Development Manager, is the lead organiser for this event. She says:

 “With the shipping industry being forced to address the impact that they have on the environment, they have a massive role to play in helping vessels of the future to operate more efficiently, while also optimising power consumption and reducing emissions. This Marine-i event is a perfect opportunity for businesses to get briefed on the very latest developments, the opportunities available and the technical challenges that need to be addressed.

“Not only will this event highlight what they need to do to succeed in this exciting field, it will also give them the chance to meet other businesses and contacts who may want to collaborate on bringing ground-breaking new technologies to market.”

 Speakers for the event will include innovative companies like Ferguson Marine, Houlder Ltd, Marine South East and Whiskerstay. They will cover such diverse topics as hydrogen fuel cell powered ferries, electric boats and energy efficient management for shipping. 

 Attendance at this full-day event is free, and delegates can register here.

Credit: Shutterstock / Photo by: Volodymyr Syerykh