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Floating Offshore Wind – Operations & Maintenance and Vessel Requirements

27th July 2022 @ 10:00-12:45

The Discovery Room will be an introduction to O&M and associated issues. This event is designed to:

  • Emphasise the size and scope of Floating Offshore Wind in the Celtic Sea area
  • Explain the multi-faceted nature of O&M
  • Explain the vessel requirements to service Floating Offshore Wind
  • Explore the future challenges and potentiality for innovation and provision of products and services from within the Celtic Sea region.
  • Identify areas for deeper dive workshops to be held in person later in the year 2023.



10:00 Lisa Beverley-Jones – University of Exeter: Introduction to the Marine-i project

10:05 Simon Cheeseman – Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult: Floating Offshore. Wind in the Celtic Sea. Status and Future Development

10:20 Katharine York – Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult: Floating Offshore Wind - the O&M effect. The long term impact of floating offshore wind on careers and the business community

10:40 Simon Cheeseman / Katharine York: Short Q&A

10:45 Arup Group: Operations & Maintenance from an industry perspective

11:05 Simon Cheeseman / Arup Group: Short Q&A

11:10 Chenyu Zhao – University of Exeter: Operation & Maintenance Cost. A floating offshore wind case study

11:30 Simon Cheeseman / Chenyu Zhao: Short Q&A

11:35 David Cooper – Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult: Floating Offshore Wind support vessels and the opportunity for UK supply chain. A look at the forecast demand for vessels in offshore wind and the opportunities and risks for UK supply chain

11:55 Simon Cheeseman/ David Cooper: Short Q&A

12:00 SSE Renewables

12:20 Simon Cheeseman / SSE : Short Q&A

12:25 All Presenters: Panel Q&A

12:40 Simon Cheeseman: Summary

12:45 End