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Opportunities for Remote Autonomous Systems in the Offshore Energy Sector

25th February 2021 @ 09:00-11:30

What are the current and emerging opportunities for Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) in the Offshore Renewable Energy Sector?

There is increasing recognition that RAS will have a huge part to play in helping the offshore wind, wave and tidal sectors meet cost reduction, production and productivity targets. This emerging technology area has the potential to create gains in all areas of offshore renewables – from autonomous underwater vehicles that take personnel out of risky subsea environments, to advanced drones that can perform rapid blade inspections.

Within the Inter-Reg North Sea Region (NSR) funded project PERISCOPE, Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult has been examining the opportunities and cost and carbon reduction benefit case for RAS technologies and their particular utilisation for Offshore O&M activities.

Join us to get an exclusive overview of our recent sector leading research, learn from our experts on this emerging industry and help to shape a future transnational innovation project on RAS in the Offshore Energy Sector.

This event is promoted in collaboration with:
Marine-i, a part-funded ERDF project, helping marine technology businesses in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly grow through research, development and innovation.
OPIN, a cross-sectoral collaborative network that aims to accelerate the growth of the ocean energy sector and its supply chains across the partner regions of Ireland, the UK, Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Germany.


Session 1 - Presentations 
9am-10am – Opportunities for RAS in the Offshore Energy sector. Building a cost and carbon benefit case.

9-9.10am – Introductions – PERISCOPE, MI, OPIN – Neil Farrington, ORE Catapult
9.10am-9.20am – ORE Catapult – RAS projects, Testing and Services – Hamish MacDonald, ORE Catapult
9.20am-9.30am – Use cases for RAS in the Offshore Energy Sector – Lewis Stevenson, ORE Catapult
9.30 – 9.40 am - “A benchmark for decarbonising O&M vessel emissions”. –- Anthony Gray, ORE Catapult
9.40-9.55am – PERISCOPE & COMPASS activity – Building a cost and carbon benefit case for RAS - Anthony Gray & Hamish MacDonald, ORE Catapult
9.55-10am – RAS workshop introductions – Neil Farrington, ORE Catapult

Coffee Break – 10mins

Session 2 - Workshops
10.10am-11.30am - 20 mins/session with discussion and Q&A

Workshop 1 – How to Validate Offshore Energy Robotics and Autonomous Systems
This workshop will investigate some of the needs, challenges and opportunities in validating Offshore RAS systems
Mathew Hadden - ORE Catapult

Workshop 2 – Residency for O&M (topside and subsea)
This workshop will investigate the potential for residency offshore. What does this unlock un terms of frequency and quality of operations? What are the cost implications and what enabling technology is required?
Dan Sumner - ORE Catapult

Workshop 3 – Offshore Wind Consenting technology
This workshop will investigate technologies that have the potential to optimise consenting. How can machine learning improve environmental monitoring? How can unmanned platforms gather critical information? Can we improve the state of the art around UXO removal?
Alex Louden - ORE Catapult

Workshop 4 – Smart Logistics for renewables
This workshop will investigate technologies that have the potential to optimise logistics and parts transfer. Are there smarter ways of running vessel management systems? What role do UAVs have with parts transfer? How do we improve port-side operations.
Daniel Allington – ORE Catapult

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