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Marine-i enables AMOG to test revolutionary wave energy device 

AMOG is an award-winning team of consulting engineers, project managers and technicians, based in Australia and with offices in the UK, USA and Colombia.

Founded over 25 years ago, AMOG originally provided consulting services to the offshore oil and gas industry. Over the last 15 years, the company has diversified to deliver services to new sectors such as offshore renewable energy, the civil maritime industry, and the heavy transport industry. The company delivers industry-leading scientific and engineering expertise to projects of any scale and their goal is to be the leading specialist engineering service provider in their chosen fields.

A technology arm has also grown over the last five years, where technology has been developed, licensed to large manufacturers and successfully sold in the marketplace.

Wave energy is an area in which the company has developed significant expertise and the team have worked together to invent the concept for a revolutionary new kind of wave energy device.

Director Hayden Marcollo says: “Our expertise in offshore renewables allowed us to bring a unique understanding to the conceptual development of a new technology. It seemed to us that the major failings of previous projects have been related to reliability, survivability and cost of installation. We have found a way to address these issues by eliminating mechanical components below the waterline and ensuring the system is moored conventionally requiring low cost infrastructure. Crucially, our design, installation and project execution depends heavily on the lessons learned and best practices from the fifty year old offshore oil and gas industry.”

When looking at options for testing the innovative device, Cornwall stood out as a world beating location for the team and the company have now set up a project office in Falmouth.

Director David Rowley explains: “We considered other potential testing locations, including in Australia, but Cornwall stood out as having a number of clear advantages for us. Firstly, the weather conditions in Cornwall mean that there is a more consistent wave pattern. Secondly, the infrastructure in Cornwall for marine testing is highly developed and advanced – the county offers first class testing facilities that are already proven, as well as a superb supply chain in the marine technology sector.  And lastly, the availability of grant funding and other support through Marine-i has enabled us to accelerate the project.”

Marine-i have provided grant funding for the AMOG team to put in place the first phase of testing of their wave energy device.

From June 2018, a 1:3 scale model of the device will be tested at the University of Exeter FabTest site in Falmouth, a ‘nursery’ test site for wave energy convertors. The site offers the opportunity for the device to be tested in a sheltered location for a summer season deployment, in order to have a scaled environment.

David says: “This will enable us to test various aspects of the product design and its integration, providing confidence in the design and operation before scaling up to a full size version connected to the grid in the next test phase.”

Hayden adds: “We believe this is a unique and highly innovative wave energy device that will make a real impact in the wave energy marketplace worldwide. Being able to test this product in Cornwall, with support from Marine-i, is really helping us drive our project forward.”